Crisis Exerices

We build and revise contingency plans as well as crisis management structures. We help set decision making groups and run desktop as well as full scale crisis exercises for all types of crisis scenarios. Many companies and organizations have a crisis plan, but not everyone who needs to be familiar with it are actually up to date. We make sure they are!

Security & Safety Protocols

We help companies build and update security and safety protocols. Many companies have their own security department and most of them do a great job. However, a fresh set of eyes can help optimize security and safety protocols  and help update staff to deal with the latest threat assessments.

Visual Awareness Training

We produce awareness videos, digital elements and print tailored to your organization. Studies show that people obtain a larger amount of awareness information if the information is presented with captivating visuals. Using company customized images we deliver a highly efficient learning environment, educating your staff in awareness of suspicious activities and people on your premises.

Physical Penetration Testing

We help companies and organizations  with physical penetration tests, making sure security protocols are top-notch and that staff is up to date with security procedures. In controlled environments, with the cooperation of top management, we conduct drills to test if security protocols are being followed and to help find potential gaps and fix them.

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